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Bring the best in baked goods to St Albert,
Edmonton and surrounding area. Whether you need custom cakes, fresh-baked bread, or the tastiest of scones we are fresh out of the oven and ready to serve your community!

Transcend Coffee + Roastery

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Winnipeg Rye Bread


Italian Day

Featuring various
Italian Bread & Crusty Buns

Our Bakery Powerhouse

Our bakery located right on the ground floor of the Enjoy Center in St. Albert. Here you can grab our full selection of breads and loaves, and also all of our sweet treats, as well as our amazing cakes. Located at 101 Riel Drive this location serves the St. Albert community but is also a great place to stop by and grab fresh bread and our coveted Raspberry White Chocolate Scones.

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We Will Leave You… TASTING More

If ever there were people livin’ the dream, it’s the Wild Earth Team. Our Team’s philosophy is simple – live well! We use ingredients that are natural and unprocessed. The ingredients of our natural bread are simple, recognizable and uncompromised, such as unbleached flours, whole grains, butter, honey, salt and yeast.