Who We Are

Epcor Tower in Downtown Center:

Feeling left out north of the river?  Never fear my urban pals as we have recently opened the doors to our third location, right in the heart of downtown!  We have settled into our new digs in the new Epcor Tower and the (coffee) brew is a' flowin'.  Swing by 104 Avenue & 101 Street and check out our newest wild child! 

River Valley Zoo:

Why not check out the valley zoo, see some wild critters, visit the petting zoo, and also grab any of our offerings at our zoo location at 13315 Buena Vista Road. Enjoy some fresh coffee, and animal themed cookies and snacks. 

St. Albert Enjoy Center:

This is our bakery power house located right on the ground floor of the Enjoy Center in St. Albert. Here you can grab our full selection of breads and loaves, and also all of our sweet treats, as well as our amazing cakes. Located at 101 Riel Drive this location serves the St. Albert community but is also a great place to stop by and grab fresh bread and our coveted Raspberry White Chocolate Scones. 

Our take and bake menu gives you the chance to take some pre-made, frozen goodies home to warm up in your own oven. It'll have your house smelling way better than any air freshener!

So if you're looking for a smile (one of those nice, long drawn out ones) or maybe a means to sate a sweet tooth, just stop by for a visit at one of our cozy cafes.