Live Music Tuesdays

For the longest time we thought the delicious combination of coffee and scones was the height of decadence. (Some cake every once and a while didn’t hurt either.) Then, one day, after listening to the melodies of some of Edmonton’s finest musicians, we realized that tasty treats were only getting us half way there.

Live Music Tuesdays* at Wild Earth Bakery (Zoo Location) are a delight for the senses. Come and enjoy delicious food, enchanting music, a cozy ambiance, and the always delightful aromas of a neighbourhood scratch bakery.

Live Music Tuesdays run from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm.

For YegMusic Productions tickets are $10 online in advance through YegMusic. Or by donation at the door.

For customers just grabbing a sweet treat before hitting the zoo come on in, you're more than welcome, no donation or ticket required, just enjoy some of those sweet tunes whilst you wait for your order, meet friends, etc.